Characteristics of Cargo pocket kilt

Historically traditional kilts didn’t have any pocket, but people used an additional sporran to carry their cards, pen or other small stuff, it hangs at the front of kilt nowadays people also use it to reflect their forefathers and culture. With the swift shift from traditional tartan kilt to modern utility kilts which are made of Cotton, Denim or leather has changed the way people think about their kilts.

To stay in fashion kilts manufacturer has to improve their standards to remain alive in the market, so started to add pockets to kilts. The idea was to give more ease to the customer to carry small gadgets with them where ever they move.

Leather belts are mostly used with kilts to keep kilts grip tight over waist, kilted men and women are mostly hard workers and loose or gain weight mainly to cater these idea belt loops were added to kilts most of the cargo kilts has 2.5 inches belt loops so standard belt quickly go through belt loops.

Cargo Kilts are most comfortable kilts as compared to other modern kilts; the comfort factor is their hips size setting all cargo kilts have 6” hips adjustments which mean if the waist size is 38” its hips size will be 44,” 6” wider than the waist size.

Cargo pockets were part of men’s shorts, and the concept was limited to shorts, gradually complains about pockets from customers were raised, and we thought of to add pockets for clients so as a result long cargo pockets were introduced to carry stuff. Later pockets flop with buttons were added to decorate pockets for making it more stylish and safe.

The fabric used for cargo kilts is very soft or say Drill Cotton which has small raze over the surface of it which gives a soft feel, another benefit of this fabric is it is very cool especially for summer as the cotton kilt is mostly used for summer.

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