1. Contract with Customer:

It is required to receive complete amount before the processing of order. We collect this sum to buy necessary material for manufacturing of our standard products. In addition, we send confirmation email with invoice to our customers just after the receiving of payment. After the acceptance of order from our customer, it builds a contract and tie between us and our valuable customer.

2. Refusal Right:

Our firm reserves the right to accept/ reject any order. There could be many reasons to do so, like without any responsibility, unfavorable weather and non-submission of payment. Furthermore there could be another reasons like

  1. If we are short with enough stock to meet the customer’s requirements.
  2. Restricted area for our delivery
  3. Incorrect price listing due to typographical fault or any human poor judgment.

In the condition of refusal of any order, we will send an email comprised of exact reasoning for the refusal of order. In addition we will refund your payment at the earliest. We do not grip economic responsibilities and any type of reimbursement for inconvenience.

3. Pricing:

We have mentioned prices of all products on our website precisely.

Moreover, we will in need for extra payment and shipping charges for the costly payments in specific areas. We are dealing with US Dollars and all prices are also displayed in $US. Rocket kilts show the conversions of moneys just for your suitability. Order’s prices may vary, at the day of order and the day of dispatching.

4. Order Cancellation Right:

Customer reserves the right to cancel his order before the delivery. We do not require for any type of explanation, penalty and other charges for cancellation of order.

Moreover there are some Cancellation Situations:

  • Customer have to inform us through writing
  • Requirement of proper reasoning to cancel the order
  • After the delivery of order, you will send it back on our own behalf, cost and risk.

We will submit back your amount after getting the notification of cancellation. Moreover in the case of product, return, damage and torn we will subtract credited amount of your account for our product.

5. Orders Delivery:

We deliver our products at the provided address within the given time as mentioned on shipping policy.

Our firm delivers the kilt in 10 working days and jacket in 15 working days, but time can goes up to 25 days due to some unfavorable conditions.

You will become the possessor of product just after the delivery. Moreover it is essential to know that we will not take responsibility for any loss and damage of products after the delivery.

In the case of unavailability of customer, parcel demolishing, torn and sending back. We will not accountable for such loss. Furthermore we will try our best to contact customer and make it possible to deliver him the order.

6. Prevention of Fraud:

We can use your information for the prevention of fraud. As we can disclose it to any reedit situation and fraud prevention support which will record this information.

Our firm will work for the validation of Name, address and other details through the intermediary catalog. You will allow us for these checks after the acceptance of our terms and conditions. Moreover you have to keep faith that we will do this kind of act to confirm your identity. In addition these checks will not affect your credit rating or checks on credit. We will strictly regulate your data and credentials safe due to the Data Protection Act of 1998.

7. Notices:

If else specifically specified in these terms and conditions, you can send us your notices in writing to our email address [email protected]. All notices from us to you will be displayed on our website time to time.

8. Out of Control Situations:

We will not be responsible for the failure of any event for the late delivery of ordered product. Other conditions include damage or defect in product due to any event or unfavorable conditions outside our control like limitation, raids, lock-outs, business quarrels, network failure, overflow, fire burst and many others.

9. Leading Law:

Our firm and customer’s contract will be governed by an understood agreement with English law and the English courts have authority to decide any arguments among us.

10. Complete Agreements:

Our terms and conditions, added with pricing policy, details of deliverance, privacy policy, details of contact and setting of all agreements relevant to the supply of our products and except where you are dealing as a customer.

If any vendor will said anything on our behalf it should be considered as distinction in terms and conditions as an official symbol about the nature or class of any things accessible for sale from us and,

We are not responsible for fraud and misleading information.

11. Pictures:

We have presented professionally snapped and edited photos on websites. There can be little difference in images from original color. Your complaint regarding caricature of color will not be entertained. In addition color variations are due to some online reasons, so it is a regular thing in industry.

12. Procedure to Complain:

In the case of any type of complaint you can contact us on [email protected]. Through this e-mailing address and business particulars you can physically reach us.

Business Name: JR IE CO

Business Address: House No. 3- B/3, Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Point of Contact: Jamal Saleem